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Consider Selling

Consider Selling

If you’re considering selling, remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Once you have put your home on the market for sale, there are a few simple things that you may do that make your property more attractive to potential buyers. Depending on whether you want a basic cleanup, a quick fix, or the services of a professional home stager, you can increase the purchase price of your home and facilitate a quicker sale.

The following is a list suggested improvements and maintenance for major areas of your property:

First Impression

  1. Perform a walk through as though you were a buyer to gage your impressions
  2. Depersonalize your house – give buyers a clean slate

Exterior and Interior

    1. Remove clutter regardless of emotional attachment
    2. Remove dirt, cobwebs, paint splash, etc.
    3. Clean and polish door hardware and handrails
    4. Clean wall switches and outlet covers
    5. Add houseplants and flowers throughout house


    1. Trim trees and shrubs, remove weeds
    2. Wash front steps, and porch
    3. Make sure all exterior lights work properly and are debris-free
    4. Clean or replace welcome mat
    5. Wash windows and screens
    6. Repaint house – Most dramatic way to make good first impression is through paint. It gives you the best value for each dollar invested. It is relatively inexpensive improvement that gives a dramatic increase in “curb appeal.”
    7. Repaint or replace fences and gates

General Interior 

    1. Clean and Wax floors shampoo carpets, drapes and blinds
    2. Repaint or touch up paint needed spots – Use neutral colors – whites, creams, etc
    3. Make sure to wash away dirt, scrape off peeling paint, patch holes, and replace damaged wood


    1. Seal caulking around tub, shower, and toilet
    2. Replace old toilet seats
    3. Replace shower curtains
    4. Clean tile and repair grout
    5. Paint or wallpaper using neutral and light colors
    6. Make sure drawers and cabinets open and close properly
    7. Clean out medicine cabinet


    1. Clean cabinets and appliances and refrigerator interior
    2. Clear clutter from countertops
    3. Make sure drawers and cabinets open and close properly
    4. Make sure all appliances work properly

Home Tours

    1. Always be ready, keep home clean and organized
    2. Give the agent more time than necessary to show the space because buyers may arrive late
    3. Pets should be out of house, preferable off of property entirely. No need to scare off a buyer
    4. Pet odors should be controlled by keeping your pet in a specific area or outside

Hire the Services of a Professional Stager

    1. Staging is the process of preparing a home for sale, with the goal of getting the most money in the shortest amount of time possible Staged Homes sell for an average of 3% or $26,000 over list price (and as high as 50% over in some markets).

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