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What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I was recently reminded by a friend that “peace of mind is greatly undervalued.”  Martin Feinberg’s approach to property management is a great example of this philosophy in the world of real estate.  Martin and his team professionally handled the vetting process to find the right tenant for my property.  He helped to maximize both the rate of return for my investment, while assuring the best experience for the tenants.   A win/win experience for both sides.  I highly recommend Martin for all of your property management needs.”

Jackie and Dr. Joel Figatner
Rudman Ave.-SFR

“Martin has demonstrated excellent skills in managing my unit in Fox Hills. He is always responsive to tenants and my needs regarding rental property.  Excellent manager, a joy to work with Martin.” 

Stanley Harrell
Fox Hills Condo owner

“As a first time lessor of a unit in a condominium complex in Culver City, CA, I am very satisfied with the property management services of Mr. Martin Feinberg since June 2015 to the present. He finds excellent lessees, processes lease agreements and related forms efficiently, oversees property maintenance considering lessees’ expectations, promptly collects and deposits monthly rentals, and readily addresses questions and concerns. I am impressed with Mr. Feinberg’s knowledge of the Culver City and adjacent neighborhood rental property market and his skills in property management that he applies in a highly professional manner. Would I continue to engage Mr. Feinberg’s services? Absolutely. I would strongly recommend him to relatives and friends.”

Leda Danao
Lakeside Village Condo Owner

“Martin has been invaluable in managing the rental of my mother’s townhome in Culver City.  When I had to move her into assisted living, it made sense for us to rent her home instead of selling.  Martin has taken care of everything: locating and vetting tenants; preparing all the paperwork and ensuring compliance with state and local laws; and taking care of all tenant issues promptly and professionally.  I especially appreciate that Martin’s many years of home sales have resulted in a network of trusted professionals and tradespeople that I feel comfortable relying on for property repairs.  As an out-of-town owner, this peace of mind is priceless.  Martin and his team have made it easy for me to focus on being available for my mother (and my own kids!) instead of having to learn how to be an absentee landlord.  I highly recommend Martin Feinberg.”

Jennifer Kennedy
Culver City Townhome – Duquesne

“After years of reluctance of hiring a property manager, I finally decided to give one a try.  I chose Martin Feinberg for his in-depth knowledge and many years of experience as arguably the #1 realtor in Culver City, where my property resides.  This decision proved to be one of the wisest, as Martin was able to bring the rent to market value, carefully screen for credit-worthy tenants, and offer sound advice regarding possible improvements and upgrades to attract and keep tenants.  I especially like the fact that everything can be “turn-key”, e.g., Martin can handle any and all landlord-tenant issues that may come up, if I want him to. He has the contacts and resources to bid and do the work.  Martin’s excellent communication and management skills, as well as his quick response times, are major pluses.  He gives me peace of mind, allowing me to focus on my full time job and enjoy my weekends!” 

Craig Porter
Single Family Home – Oregon Ave.

“In the short time I’ve been working with Martin Feinberg, my life has simplified and my properties have appreciated. I am most grateful for his expertise and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Pacific Palisades-SFR

“I was looking to put my condo up as a rental and who better than Martin with over 30 years of experience on the West side.  His work ethic is great, quick response to any questions I may have or tenant requests for any fixes or issues. I would recommend him for all your buying, selling, and leasing needs.  Martin’s assistant, Iris is a great lady to work with as well! If I have to choose all over again, I would still go with Martin!”

Camilla R.
Lakeside Village Condo

“I am writing this testimonial in regards to my recent hiring of Martin Feinberg as my new property manager.

I was originally nervous and uncertain about hiring someone else to take care of my duplex in Culver City. My tenent of 9 years had just passed away and left a mess. I needed help in finding a new tenent as well as dealing with some of the headaches he left behind. I knew Martin was a reputable realtor in the area and I decided to give him  a call.

That call is proving to be one of the best calls I have made in a long time.

He quickly put me in contact with a reliable honest group of contractors to assist in getting proper heating installed. He provided the advertising and resources needed to find a new tenant, which he found within a few days. He provided an easy online system for paying rents for my tenants, and the instructions for the ease of transition to paying online. He has answered all of my many questions as well as providing sound advice. He is easy to to reach by phone and fast to get back to you if he’s initially not available.

My initial impression upon meeting Martin was an easy going, confident man. He has proven me right on both. I can see why Martin is as successful as he is. He is honest, straightforward and attends to the details.

The best property manager I could have asked for. I couldn’t be happier.”

Steve Collins 
Culver City

“After a bad experience with a tenant, I decided to work with a property manager. I chose Martin Feinberg because of his extensive knowledge and experience with the area in which my property is located. Martin and his team got my property back into excellent condition quickly yet affordably and got it rented soon after. He and his entire team are very responsive and professional to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Kim Flum 
Tara Hill

“In 2013 I asked Martin to put my Culver City house on the rental market.  A bidding war ensued – for a rental property!  Though I wasn’t there to see it, I’m thinking his promotion must’ve been good :-).  Martin has also managed the property since 2014. Tenant turnovers, home repairs and appliance puchases have all gone smoothly and the deposits roll in every month.  I’ve been living in Germany and it’s nice not having to manage from a distance.  I tried it for a year but it became overwhelming. 

It’s nice that Martin is well-organized, has a good team and a long history with the contractors he refers.”

Louis Durra
Carson St. SFR

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